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Welcome to the site I'm about to show you how to make a free Bitcoin check all the pages by me and do everything I want you happy earning





Here you have every one hour to pick up a bonus and you can win a 0.2 BTC..


This site is 100% safe and 100% working every seven days is done to pay on your wallet.

Here is a picture of what it looks like.

Go to page: bit.ly/1fj1n2E

Here you tutorial for registration





On this site you every 24 / h to come and click on advertisements.

This site is 100% sure you are 100% paid when the accumulated sum sufficient for the payment of a sum that is 0.1mbtc.

Here is a picture of what it looks like.

Go to page: bit.ly/1fj1xHi

Here is a tutorial on how to pick up btc.

QoinPro.com: Free Bitcoins every 24 hours



This site is one among the best and automatically deposited in your wallet.

On this site can pick one day only.

Go to site:bit.ly/1bfEuxO

Wait for 8 sec you will get a field where you have to enter your wallet and that's it.



On this site can be only in 24h pick up awards.

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Site automatically deposited in your wallet.

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This site allows you to win every 1h.

you have every one hour to open faucet.

site paid every 0.00000500 BTC

Go to site: bit.ly/LyHJXP


This site is among the best paid each 0.15mbt on your wallet.

Go to site: bit.ly/MnrZqF


This site you paid every 0.00000500 BTC is easy to accumulate and if they buy every 1h.

Go to page: bit.ly/1dflThW


Here you can to redouble their Bitcoin but you have to have 0.001 to be able to start playing.

Go to site: bit.ly/1ef9bpy

BitWate uptade


Here is a video how to play www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXatQcvajOg



I can now verify that this faucet pays once a week after you've reached 100,000 satoshis, or 0.001BTC. They offer 1,000 satoshis once a day, but you can earn another 1,000 satoshis once per day by clicking over on the "Extras" tab. You used to have to watch through some offers to get the bonus extras, but they removed that requirement. 

QoinPro.com: Free Bitcoins every 24 hours

That means it currently takes 50 visits if you hit both the Home page and the Extras page to get your free 0.001BTC, and it takes very little work per visit. The site also offers "Tasks," but these are largely surveys and offers from third party companies wanting your personal info. I do not recommend doing that sort of thing. 


In the screenshot below, note my balance in the upper right corner.

Go to site:bit.ly/1i0JqrF





When I first posted this guide, this was a new faucet, but I can now confirm that it pays. It's a six-hour faucet, and in a few days I've accumulated 0.0001BTC over three weeks. 


It's pretty straight forward. Load the page, enter your Bitcoin wallet address, enter the CAPTCHA, and come back in six hours.

Go to site:bit.ly/1aOqBZA


I like BitVisitor for two reasons. The first is that it pays, and the second is that I've been exposed to some new things from their advertisers. BitVisitor pays from μ0.8BTC it μ4BTC for loading up a webpage. You have to leave it up for five minutes, and you do not get credit until you click the green "Next" button that appears after the five minutes have elapsed. 


The amounts vary with the price of BTC rises and falls. The prizes above are the most current, on January 17th. 


You can earn a maximum of μ100BTC per day, and BitVisitor will not always have pages for you to load. I've earned more than 0.02BTC there over the last several weeks. You do not have to pay attention to the webpages, of course, but I tend to notice new ones as they come in, so I'd say it works for the advertisers.


This is what it looks like:

Go to site:bit.ly/1encjyc




This site is closer to a straight faucet. Once an hour you can load the page, enter your Bitcoin wallet address, enter the CAPTCHA, and get μ1BTC. Done and done. But, DailyBitcoins ups the ante a bit by including roughly 600 larger rewards every day, up to 0.01BTC at a time. 


There's even a schedule of those prizes-they're metered out every few minutes-so you can optimize your obsessive refreshing along with everyone else. This might not be worth it on an absolute hourly basis, but if you want to get free Bitcoins, it works. 


[Update: The number of extra prizes has been halved from my original post to 600 per day, while traffic to the site seems to be increasing. This makes it much harder to get the larger prizes.] 


DailyBitcoins pays will pay out within 24 hours once you reach a balance of 0.0001BTC. If you're going to use this site regularly, take the time to register so that it will remember your Bitcoin wallet address.

Go to page:bit.ly/LyIqQX

Daily Bitcoins



wallet for your Bitcoin I recommend coinbase on me somehow easier to use than blockchaina.

Go to wallet:bit.ly/1iWkXHq



Go to wallet:bit.ly/1koDme3


MakeBTC is the best BTC passive investment income .



MakeBTC is an absolutely new and unique investment for earning bitcoins in the network . Our system works very easily : People invest in bitcoins MakeBtc . In doing so , they raise their level in the system ( 1 BTC = Level 1 ) . Investors will have an opportunity to earn an additional 50 % deposit upon . Bitcoins are transferred into the common bank and when the bank reaches the next tier , all the bitcoins from this bank are distributed among all the system users . Each user receives a profit based on their Bitcoin investment level . The users will, in advance , decide how much of their payment they would like to Reinvest . The rest will be sent to their Bitcoin address when the next tier bank is reached .


For example: The third bank , consisting of 3 BTC , was collected , and your investment level was equal to 1 BTC . The system level is equal to 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 BTC . Your share in the bank is equal to 1/6 of the BTC ( 16.6 % ) . Ergo , you will receive 0.5 BTC profit , Which you can choose a % of this profit to withdraw or Reinvest . Think of it as a dividend .


Level Selling : Every user whos level is greater than 0 could sell their level for 50 % of its value . With the next deposit in MakeBTC , your level will be sold to them , you will then receive 50 % to your Bitcoin address . The remaining 50 % will be added as a bonus to Depositors level as well as toward the next bank fill. If somebody else is selling their level at the moment you started selling your level - you will not be put in a queue .


Lets sum it up : You make a one time investment in the project and you receive passive residual income after each and every future bank .


The project management takes 1 % from every bank .

go to site: bit.ly/1aSXqEW



Primedice site is one among the better every minute you freebtc 1k or more currently has over 100k players .. minimum deposit is 0.00005

go to site:bit.ly/MoWf4y


all you need is to register and to invite as many friends as you get better profits

go to site:bit.ly/1eoe1Le


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